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Happily Ever After SagaxNao


“We all deserve some sort of a happy ending once and a while right?” Nao asked absent mindedly as he flipped through the novel he had been reading during breaks in practice. “Well ofcourse we do.” Shou commented between long gulps from his water bottle. “Why shouldn’t we?” Nao looked up then, the book being forgotten momentarily as he looked across the room at their vocalist. “It seems like not everyone is that lucky. I’m certainly not.” Dark auburn eyes glanced back to Saga’s momentarily forgotten bass forlornly and a soft sigh left his lips. “Nao.. Just ask him.” The older man frowned as Shou realized what he was looking at. “It’s not that easy and you know it.” He mumbled before replacing the book infront of his face, only to have their guitarists and bassist walk back into the room from going on a smoke break.

The summer sun was dipping beneath the horizon casting shades of magenta and scarlet across the open field and painting a lone couple in the hues of summer love that would soon be destroyed. “Do you believe in Happily Ever After?” One whispered to the other, their eyes meeting with a white hot intensity burning between them. “I do, but only with the right person.” A gentle hand was brushed across a blushing cheek as lips met and slide together into perfection. Their kiss lasted until the sun was extinguished by the mountain within the distance, throwing the world the couple occupied into darkness, but neither was scared. They were locked in an embrace so tender and tight that they had no reason to fear anything. Their love was so strong that they knew it would pave the pathway to their own Happily Ever After.

 “Nao, do you need a ride home, or are you sleeping here?” The drummer blinked owlishly as his shoulder was shaken and he grumbled a confusion of unintelligible things. What he hadn’t realized was that he had fallen asleep while reading the last of his book after practice let out. So there he was, stretched out on their old couch with the closed book resting on his chest.

Looking back at the person who had woke him, the elder blinked again. What was Saga doing here so late? Didn’t he usually leave with Tora since they lived about a mile from each other? “Why are you still here?” The elder asked as he swung his legs onto the floor and rubbed at his eyes. “I stayed behind to practice my solo in the smaller rooms because I didn’t want to wake you. Though I didn’t expect you to still be asleep when I got back.” Nao nodded and stood up before flashing Saga a gracious smile. “Oh, well thanks for letting me sleep, and waking me up.” He looked anywhere but at the younger man and walked to grab his bag, only to be stopped by a hand around his wrist.

“Nao..” Saga’s voice trailed off and Nao turned to look at him, eyes swimming with questions and doubts. “What Saga?” He asked in a gentle tone before walking back to the blond. “Shou told me.” The bassist looked back at him with unreadable eyes and Nao swore his heart froze up. A cold chill ran through him and he felt dizzy all of a sudden. “And?” He tried to stay calm, but he could feel the room closing in on him and Saga’s hand on his wrist seemed tighter than ever. “And.. well. We’re best friends, Nao. Have been for a very long time, and I love you, you know that, but..” “But you don’t like men and I’m just meant to be a friend and nothing else. I’ve known that for a while, Saga.” The drummer lashed out, not wanting to feel the emotions that were welling inside of him. “No, Nao. That’s not it at all.” Nao wanted to yank his wrist out of Saga’s grasp, but he felt like it was the last thing connecting them. Break that and they were done for. “Then what is it?” He seemed to plead now, just wanting to get it over and done with.” Saga’s face softened visibly before he grabbed Nao’s other hand, lacing their fingers together. “But I always wanted to be the one to confess.” He chuckled lightly and leaned forward to capture Nao’s lips with his own. For about five seconds the elder was dumbfounded, unable to comprehend how his world had just fell out from underneath him. Though once he was snapped back into reality he left out a soft groan, his arm wrapping around Saga’s neck as he pulled him close, their lips still just locked in a chaste touch, but it was enough for now.

Pulling away Saga smiled down at the drummer who smiled back at him just as genuinely. “Nao, I’ve loved you as a friend for years, now I want to love you as a lover.” He moved to press their bodies flush together and held Nao tight. Though the only thing the drummer could think about as their lips met once again was how he knew he had finally found his Happily Ever After.

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