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What I Love About You -1/1- Saga/Nao

Title: What I Love About You
Genre: Romance, Fluff
Bands/Pairings: Alice Nine; Saga/Nao
Disclaimer: I don't own them.. PSC does.. lucky bastards >__<
Chapters: 1/1
Warnings: M/M, Oral.. an attempt to make Nao ungirly
Rating: R
Summary:  “I love you with all that I am Nao. Happy birthday.”
Comment: Lets pretend it's still the 31st ^^; Happy Birthday Nao! Comments are loved! Another one for my OTP~!

“Nao! Where are you?” The bassist called out into the darkness of their shared apartment. It was odd coming home to anything besides Nao’s cheeky smile and his arms embracing him. Where was the older man? “Nao?” He called again, his voice rising in a question as he stepped through the kitchen, eyes searching through the open space in hope to find some sign of the smaller man. Where could he be? What if something had happened to him?! What if he hadn’t come home at all today?!

Teeth worried at his bottom lip as he stepped into the living room, flipping on the lamp in the corner, and eyes searched the room frantically. “Na-” His voice caught in his throat as he saw the drummer sprawled out on his stomach, game controller still in hand and the TV on power save mode from disuse. How long had he been sleeping like that? Tiptoeing over to the other he felt a small smile creep to his face as he kneeled down beside him, a hand pushing stray faded pink locks from his face. He looked worn out, but Saga just blamed it on the stress his new video game was putting on him. He hadn’t stopped playing for days now, and Saga even swore that he never came to bed, just sat up all night trying to beat it. He had even protested the going to practice the two days they had had it that week.

Definitely not very Nao like.

Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to get it as an early birthday gift for him after all.

Chuckling to himself he slid an arm beneath Nao’s chest, leaning him up into his embrace just as best he could without waking him. Pulling the older man’s back against his chest he smiled, hands brushing the hair away from the nape of his neck before he placed a soft kiss to the smooth skin. Still holding the other close he stood up and sat down on the couch, pulling the still fast asleep Nao into his lap. “I love your eyes.” He whispered as he ran a hand through his colored hair. “I love your laugh.” He leaned down to place a chaste kiss to his cheek. “I love your smile.” Another kiss was placed to his other cheek. “I love your dork side.” He brushed a hand underneath his shirt, his palms splayed against the soft flesh of his chest, right above his heart, so he could feel the soft rhythm. “I love your serious side.” Another kiss, this time pressed to the edge of his mouth and yet the older man still hadn’t stirred. “I love your voice.” He moved one of Nao’s limp hands to his mouth, lips placing a gentle kiss against each knuckle. Twining his finger’s with the drummer’s he smiled, a soft content sigh leaving his mouth. “I love you Naoyuki.”

“And I love you too Takashi.” The older man whispered as he shifted in Saga’s lap so he could face him. “That was better than any birthday present that I could ever ask for. Thank you.” He whispered before leaning in a capturing the bassist’s soft lips in a kiss that grew in depth as the time ticked by. Tongues played within warm welcoming mouth as lips moved against one another, creating silky friction. Finally pulling away Nao brushed a hand across Saga’s flushed cheek before placing one more innocent kiss to the edge of his mouth. “Were you awake the whole time?” The younger whispered as Nao cuddled against his chest, his head rested on his shoulder. “If I say yes would you get mad?” Nao answered with a question, a hand drawing swirled patterns absently into the fabric of Saga’s t-shirt. “Ofcourse not.. But I want to tell all of that to you face.” The bassist finally answered after getting lost in the touches being worked into his chest. “Well, tell me then.” Saga clicked his tongue against his front teeth s he pulled Nao up from his chest. “I had planned on it.” Without letting the other reply he stood up, scooping him into his arms bridal style, a low yelp of surprise coming from Nao’s mouth.


 “Saga, you know I hate being carried like a woman.” He growled as he nuzzled into the crook of the bassist’s neck, only to latch his teeth onto the exposed skin. Saga moaned, his knees nearly giving out as he walked them to the bedroom. “Ok ok..” The younger panted as he set Nao down on the bed, quick to straddle and pin his wrists on either side of his head. “I love your eyes.” He whispered, placing soft kisses to each closed eye, feeling Nao’s lashes flutter against his lips. “I love your laugh.” Lips were placed to the drummer’s pouty ones, though he pulled away right as the elder responded, a smirk twisting at his lips. “I love your smile.” He responded by placing a kiss to each curve of his mouth, making the man smile automatically. “Exactly..” He whispered as he slid a hand across his stomach making him shiver with anticipation. Looking up he tried to think of a way to represent the sides he had listed and he almost laughed knowing one way. “I love your dork side.” Pressing butterfly kisses to the smooth skin of the drummer’s stomach, he scooted down to straddle his thighs, hands quickly unbuttoning his jeans and wiggling them off to expose Gundam boxers. Though it was adorable he didn’t say a word, instead his mouth moved to lick at the head of his clothed erection while his hand kneaded at the length. Nao moaned as he ached for more of Saga’s touch. Pulling his head up he licked his lips when he saw the elder’s eyes boring into him, a need, an ache, planted deep within their depths. “I love your serious side.” He leaned back up and placed a deeper kiss to his lips, letting him actually get a taste of it this time. Though the kiss was short lived as Nao found his lover leaned back down his skillful hands yanking his boxers off only to have them join the jeans he had discarded on the floor. “I love your voice.” He whispered as he placed a soft kiss against the head of his rigid member before he took him into his mouth, his cheeks caving instantly as he sucked at him. This in turn caused the drummer to moan louder than before, his hips rising from the bed as his length slipped further back into Saga’s throat. The bassist took it all in stride, his throat relaxing as he felt him hit the back of it. This was one of Nao’s favorite things. One of the things that got him the most vocal. It showed as well with how loud the pleasured noises falling from his lips had become.

Lifting his head again Saga heard a whimper leave Nao’s mouth, but before the other could protest his face was hovering above the drummer’s. “I love you with all that I am, Nao. Happy birthday.” He whispered against his lips before he pressed forward, joining their lips in an open mouthed kiss. There was only one thought that ran through Nao's head at that moment in time. 'Best birthday ever.'

A/N: I'm not sure how this turned out.. It wasn't really how I had planned it to work out.. But I hope it's ok. Comments, good or bad are welcome. Don't bash me too hard ^^;

Tags: alice nine, nao, oneshot, saga
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