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Kamijo vs. Totoro -1/1- KamijoxHizaki

Title: Kamijo vs. Totoro
Genre: Comedy
Bands/Pairings: Versailles; KamijoxHizaki 
Disclaimer: I don't own the people, but I share the story idea with

Chapters: 1/1
Warnings: Kamijo being "attacked" by a giant Totoro
Rating: PG

Summary: Kamijo thinks that the three foot plush Hizaki sleeps with is out to get him.
Comment: Based off of rps me and
[info] do.. and her love of Totoro ^^ Also written as a semi-belated present for Kamijo's birthday xD Enjoy~!

“How do you even sleep with something that big?” Kamijo tilted his head to the side quizzically as he stared at the huge Totoro plush seated on the chair in corner of the bedroom. Hizaki simply laughed and shook his head, blonde curls bobbing around his face, before he removed himself from the seat he had taken beside the brunette on the edge of the bed. “It’s just like sleeping with you, just not as fluffy, or as warm.” Hizaki teased as he opened drawers and pulled out a pair of his pink silk pajamas before turning back to the vocalist, a smile gracing his pale face. “I’ll try to keep him on my side of the bed tonight.” He laughed; the sound barely audible as he soon disappeared into the bathroom to take a shower. This left Kamijo to sit and stare at the oversized creature, dark eyes scrutinizing it from afar. How did they expect to fit all three of them in one bed? It wasn’t a king sized bed either, and there was just enough room for them together, with maybe enough space if Hizaki’s cat decided to pay them a nightly visit. Though Kamijo doubted the feline would be wriggling into bed with them anytime soon, especially not after what it saw last time. Poor thing was probably scarred for life.

A low chuckle escaped the older man’s throat as he slid in between the covers, pulling the duvet up to his bare chest. He really had no idea how Hizaki could sleep in long sleeves and pants, especially on the hotter nights. Ofcourse the apartment they shared had an excellent cooling system, but sometimes in the middle of the night when either one of them was too lazy or tired to get up and adjust the thermostat it would become rather warm in the room, thus why Kamijo slept in nothing but boxers, making it all the easier to cool off in the middle of the night. Suddenly he heard the shower turn off in the bathroom and he knew that any minute now Hizaki would walk out of the steamed up room, grab his Totoro, scoot into bed, and silently demand to be spooned. It had become somewhat of a routine, but the vocalist wasn’t complaining. As long as he got to sleep next to the love of his life then he was happy.

“Don’t go to sleep without me!” The blonde all but squealed as he grabbed his plush from the chair and dove into bed with the brunette, already scooting close to him. “Mmm..I wouldn’t dream of it.” Kamijo answered, his eyes staying closed as he wrapped his arms around his lover and pulled him into him, his face nestling into the crook of the neck, taking in the scent of the strawberry body wash that lingered upon his skin every time he inhaled. This was the only way he could fall asleep now; curled protectively around the younger man, listening to his breathing become deep and regulated. It was his lullaby. “Goodnight my darling.” He whispered before sleep closed its merciful jaws around him, swallowing him whole.

Hours later Kamijo awoke to a sweltering heat pressed to his face. He couldn’t breathe! Was he suffocating?! Dark eyes opened and there was blackness! He couldn’t even see the digital alarm clock on Hizaki’s side of the bed. What was happening?! Arms flailed madly as he tried to scoot away from whatever was pressed to his face, and just succeeded in kicking the covers off of himself as well as falling off of the bed, having just been mere inches from the edge. “Oomph.” He landed with a thud flat on his ass, and when he looked back to the bed he noticed the giant Totoro plush had now moved to press against Hizaki’s back. How’d it get there? Kamijo narrowed his gaze at the offending plush and stood up, a hand rubbing at his sore ass before he slid back into bed and next to Totoro. “Oversized monster.” He whispered low as not to wake his sleeping lover before he took the plush and settled it back into Hizaki’s empty arms then pulled him close again, nuzzling his face into the nape of his neck yet again.

Sleep had come easy but so had the heat that emerged when two warm bodies were pressed together all night. Eyes fluttered open groggily as Kamijo pulled himself away from Hizaki’s sleeping body and he shifted under the covers to turn onto his other side, only to come face to face with a giant Totoro plush. A startled sound was heard as adrenaline kicked in and without thinking he punched the plush out of the bed, only to hear it thud against the far wall and drop to the ground. His heart was hammering his chest and eyes were wide with shock. Now had it gotten there?! “Kami, is everything ok?” Hizaki’s sleepy voice asked from behind him and the vocalist took a deep breath before he turned back to face him. “Yeah, just thought I saw something.” The guitarist nodded sleepily before nuzzling into Kamijo’s bare chest, but suddenly his eyes snapped open, a look of worry ghosting across his features. “Where’s my Totoro?” Kamijo groaned inwardly and pointed to the far end of the room. “How’d he get over there?” Hizaki asked as he slipped out of bed and walked to pick up the oversized plush. “Umm.. He scared me.” Kamijo admitted as he watched the other walk back to the bed, plush held tightly in his arms. “Well, try to keep him in bed this time.” Even though Kamijo could barely see the other’s face, he knew he was smiling. “And get some sleep. We have to wake up at six to get ready for that interview.” Glancing back at the digital clock the vocalist groaned, outwardly this time. 3:45; the time seemed to taunt him in bright blue LEDs and Kamijo huffed lightly. That stuffed plush was keeping him from getting a good night’s rest. Curling up against Hizaki again he sighed, hoping he could stay asleep this time.

Though knowing his luck that wasn’t the case.

Again the vocalist woke to a heat being pressed to him, though he noticed he was no longer curled up next to Hizaki, rather he was laying flat on his back with something pressed against his chest. Did Hizaki move and use him as a pillow now? Cracking his eyes open he noticed that instead of a spill of blonde hair across his chest there was that danged oversized stuffed toy staring back at him with lazy stitched eyes. How did he keep ending up with the thing? Was Hizaki playing tricks on him or something? Shifting up onto one elbow he took the plush by one of its ears and peered at his suspiciously. “You’ve run out of chances.” The vocalist grumbled and then pushed the plush off of the bed, a smirk playing across his lips as he heard it hit the ground for the second time that night. With a job well done he turned back to Hizaki and was about to lay his head back down upon the pillow, until he noticed that the time now read 5:45. With an exasperated groan he let his head fall back upon the pillow and he pulled the covers up over his head, atleast until he heard the alarm go off beside Hizaki. Five more minutes… He wanted to moan but Hizaki had already shifted to face him, his hands pulling the covers back so he could place a soft kiss to Kamijo’s forehead. “Did you sleep well?” The guitarist asked cheerily as he pushed the covers off of himself and got out of bed. Though before Kamijo could answer he heard the guitarist squeal and bend down only to return with arms full of a devious plush. As he looked back at the demon creature he had spent half the night fighting off Kamijo swore that it was staring back at him, challenging him with its lazy eyes. So it wanted to play games, huh? Bring it on Totoro!

Tags: hizaki, kamijo, kvs.t, totoro, versailles
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