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Mem Drabbles -Alice Nine, Dir en Grey, The GazettE, An Cafe-

So I was bored one day about a month ago so I decided to finally do that drabble meme.. Put on Itunes and here we go. Ten odd and strange drabbles. Some are crazy, some sweet, some just strange. Tell me how ya like em :D Please..


Bands – Alice Nine, Dir en Grey, The GazettE, and An Café



1: Revenge – MSI 

Pairing – ReitaxRuki

Reita.. what do you think about her?” Ruki pointed to a hot girl who just strutted into the bar. “Eh, she’s ok.” Reita said in a very uninterested voice. He didn’t want to look at the women who walked into the bar. He would rather spend his night staring at Ruki. The way his wavy hair framed his face perfectly, his bright eyes, his soft skin. Reita shook his head and turned back to the bartender. “Send a drink to the lady over there.” The bassist gave a fake smile to Ruki when he winked at him. “You have good tastes my friend.” Reita could only smile meekly. “I know I do.”

2: Beautiful – The GazettE

Pairing – AoixRuki

“Ngh.. Aoi!” Ruki called out as Aoi smirked, letting the vocalist’s member slide from his mouth. His nails made red raised paths down the blonde’s exposed stomach, and then the fingers became gentle as they dusted across his hips and down his pelvis. Bruised lips began kissing at Ruki’s navel, slowly working their way up until they found Ruki’s collarbone. The older man slide his tongue up Ruki’s neck, eliciting a moan from the vocalist. Usually it was Aoi moaning, but as of lately he had found a new side of himself. The side that wanted to do the fucking not be fucked. He wanted control, and boy was he getting. With Ruki moaning his name Aoi was ontop of the world. “Aoi.. I want you.” Ahh… role reversal. It’s a beautiful thing.

3: Punky Heart – LM.C

Pairing – MikuxTakuya

“Miku, get off of me.” Takuya giggled as Miku collapsed ontop of him, his hot breath tickling his neck. “But you’re so comfy.. Like a good couch.” The guitarist could hear and feel the blonde hold back a chuckle and he tried to stare him in the eyes, but couldn’t. “Are you comparing me to a couch? If you so, I can always leave and buy you a better couch.” Miku smirked, though Takuya couldn’t see and his hand flew to the younger man’s side. “You’re much better than a couch Taku-kun.” With that his fingers began dancing along Takuya’s sensitive side, making the guitarist twitch and squirm. “Ah! Miku stop!” “Say please.” Miku grinned and started tickling harder, causing a loud laugh to erupt from Takuya’s mouth. “Please, please, please!” The guitarist belted out and let out a sigh of relief as Miku stopped.

4: Heartbreaker – G-Dragon

Pairing – ToraxKai [Alice Nine x The GazettE]

“Been waiting long?” A mysterious voice sounded from the shadows of a club. The music raged around them but suddenly it was just them. “You told me to meet you here.” Kai struggled with his words, trying to be heard over the loud sound system. “I know... and I’m glad you listened.” The man stepped forth from the shadows and revealed himself. “Tora?” Kai spluttered a little, a blush coming to his cheeks. “Who’d you expect wrote all of that? And to think you were the one to answer back.” Tora took another step closer to Kai, so close that the drummer could smell the cologne the other man had worn tonight. It was a blend of so many spices, and Tora mixed in. It was intoxicating. “I couldn’t resist.” Kai admitted, all shyness gone, instead replaced by an odd fierceness. “Neither can I.” Kai was about to question the present tense, but he didn’t have to. Before he knew it a set of hands were pulling him close, and slowing sliding around his waist so he couldn’t escape. Kai didn’t want to escape though. He stared deep into Tora’s eyes, easily losing himself. The next thing he knew a pair of lips were pressed against his own, the same ferocity he felt flowing through his veins was felt within that single kiss. After a good few minutes the oblivious pair pulled away, both breathless. “Well, you got your kiss.” Tora smiled and released Kai’s waist, his hands dropping back down to his side. A look of disbelief washed over the drummer’s face as the guitarist began to walk away. He tried to chase after him, but he was lost within the crowd. “Damnit..” Kai gritted his teeth.

5: Genkaku – D’espairsRay

Pairing – RukixReita, hinting of AoixUruha

A scream was heard coming from a room down the hall. A puzzled look crossed Reita’s face as he looked to a smirking Ruki. “What was that?” Ruki could only laugh, his hand quickly covering his mouth as the laugh turned to a full blown chuckle. “You know! Tell me.” Reita punched Ruki in the arm, quieting his laughter. “It’s.. It’s.” He couldn’t finish the sentence, his laughter coming back in waves. “It’s what?!” The bassist demanded cocking his arm back in a threat. “It’s Aoi and Uruha.” Tears now sprang up to Ruki’s eyes as he doubled over in laughter. Reita’s face was a mask of horror. “Oh my God.” He sputtered his eyes going wide and his mouth falling open. “You mean to tell me..” “Aoi and Uruha are having rough sex!” Ruki practically yelled. “You bastard!” Reita hit Ruki again, harder than before and stormed off to his own hotel room. As another scream emanated from the room three doors down Ruki just fell to the ground, clutching his stomach as he laughed.

6: Sounen Namonaki Kimi e [Live] – Alice Nine

Pairing – SagaxNao

A soft breeze blew across the field, stringing along with it dandelion seeds. Their white heads floated upon the wind with such beauty. The green grass we laid in swayed to and fro, but the breeze wasn’t cold. I was simply a cool breeze to chase the heat away, the sun shining brightly, not a cloud in the sky. It was the perfect summer day. I had my arms tucked behind my head as I lay there, listening to your breathing. I swore I could even hear your heartbeat. “Oi, Nao.” I called to you, propping myself up on my elbows. “Yeah Saga?” Your voice was so sweet, even when you were half asleep. “I love you.” Suddenly your eyes snapped open and you were wide awake. “What?” You questioned, but you had heard me crystal clear the first time. “I love you.” I repeated and leaned over your still form as you lay on the grass. Propping up one elbow beside your head I brought my face close to yours, our lips mere millimeters from each other. “I never expected you to say it first.” You blushed as I gazed lovingly down at you. Smiling genuinely I let out a soft sigh. “You’re so cute when you’re surprised.” Leaning down I placed a soft kiss upon your lips, feeling the surprise melt away into acceptance. You had accepted my love, and that was the happiest moment of my life.

7: We love you – Miyavi

Pairing – ShouxHitoro

As the sun shone through the open window I heard you groan and I watched as you threw the covers over your eyes. “Don’t go into hiding my little bed bug.” I laughed and slide one hand under the covers to poke you in the chest. “But I don’t want to get up.” Was your murmured reply. “You don’t want to get up and spend the day with me?” I asked, a slight pout upon my face. Suddenly the covers were pushed back to expose your face. “Well, I guess if those are my options. But can’t we compromise and spend the day in bed, together?” I shook my head no and you sighed. “It’s a great idea, but I have better plans. It’s a beautiful spring day. Let’s take advantage of it and go on a picnic.” I knew how much you had wanted to go on a picnic and your eyes suddenly lit up. “By the pond I showed you?!” I laughed at your childish excitement and nodded. “Ofcourse Pon.”

8: Anti-Pop – The GazettE

Pairing – KyoxToshiya

“Can’t I tear you away from that stupid song for even a minute?” Toshiya complained and wrapped his arms around Kyo’s neck in an attempt to get him to pay attention to him instead. “No Toshiya. You know how I feel about you anyways.” Such biting words. “You don’t mean that.” The bassist retorted with a sneer. “Yes I do, now get the fuck out!” Kyo’s small amount of patience had expired. He stood up from his desk and took Toshiya by the wrist, and began dragging him towards the door. “Let go of me midget.” Toshiya bit back, not wanting to be the loser in this word game. “What did you call me?” The vocalist spat through his teeth. Suddenly he slammed Toshiya back against the wall and a hand immediately went to cup his crotch, his fingers digging into the tough fabric of his jeans. Toshiya let out a small moan as he pressed his hand harder against his now awakening member. The bassist thrust his hips into Kyo’s hand, wanting to feel him more. “I hate you Toshiya. You know that. Now why do you persist with me?” Toshiya stared back at the shorter man with sheer determination in his eyes. “First off I’m not the one with my hand on your crotch, and second of all you just say that to sound like a bad ass. I know how you really feel about me. I’m not just your fuck buddy. I’m more than that.” Kyo’s hard façade faltered for a brief second, and Toshiya knew he had found his in. “Now tell me yourself Kyo. What do you feel for me?”

9: Nausea and Shudder – The GazettE

Pairing – None [le gasp]

“Each man for his own.” Ruki growled as he walked out of the room. “What the hell does that mean?” Reita asked, his brows furrowed. “I can take one guess.” Aoi nodded towards Uruha who sat wordless in a chair at the other end of the room. “Oi, Uruha. What’s that mean?” Reita asked in such a nonchalant manner, not knowing it hurt the guitarist. “You don’t want to know.” The guitarist spoke, his voice hollow and as he looked back at Reita his eyes seemed soulless. The bassist stood up from the spot he had taken on the couch with Aoi and walked toward Uruha. “Tell me.” He urged, now a softer tune to his voice. Uruha looked up at him, his eyes still void of emotion. “Ruki told me he’s leaving the band last night. Just sprang it on me. I told him it was a stupid thing to even consider and he yelled at me. Said he had to follow his own dreams. I thought this was his dream.” The blonde couldn’t continue; his throat now tight with unseen tears. “It’s ok Uruha.. We’ll get him back. He’s not going anywhere.” Reita turned to Aoi and Kai who sat on the couch, shock written clearly upon their faces, and shook his head towards the door in a “Go get him,” fashion.

10: Velvet – Alice Nine

Pairing – KaixNao [<3] [The GazettE x Alice Nine]

“I can’t believe you just did that.” Nao smirked as Kai popped back into the room, a look of triumph upon his face. “They’ll live without their precious leader for one day. They’re big boys.” With that said Kai pushed Nao down on the bed behind him, and straddled his crotch. “Today is your birthday, and I’m not going to let practice get in the way of that.” His voice was almost a growl and Nao shivered below him. “Can we celebrate in another way first?” Nao squeaked. He wanted Kai more than anything, but he wanted to atleast go celebrate by getting dinner first. He was famished. “I guess.” The dejected Kai said sliding off from the younger man. Then Nao took his chance, he grabbed a handful of Kai’s shirt and threw him down on the bed, a victorious smile lighting up his face he straddled the other man. “It’s my birthday.” Nao reminded the stunned Kai below him. “Birthday boy get what birthday boy want.”




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