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Beneath the Beauty -3/?- Kai/Kazuki

Title: Beneath the Beauty
Author: piyokolove 
Genre: Angst, Drama, Fluff [maybe] ,Romance
Bands/Pairings: The GazettE, ScreW; Kai/Kazuki, slight Aoi/Uruha.. others to come
Disclaimer: I don't own them.. PSC does.. lucky bastards >__<
Chapters: 3/?
Warnings: Goofy Ruki, and Rei.. Bothered Kai. Not much to warn about in this chappie
Rating: NC - 17
Summary: Kai is still down over his recent break-up, until one night he meets a beautiful woman. The woman of his dreams infact. Except it turns out she isn't a woman at all...
Comment: Ano, sorry this took so long to get up. I've just lost interest in writing completely lately.. Sigh. Maybe it's because school has been stressful lately. But watching the PSC Tour DVD from last year really got the juices flowing.. and damn.. GazettE live is quite the spectacle


“God Kai, you look like you haven’t slept in days.” Reita chuckled as he watched Kai walk out of the studio, a small smirk tugged ever so confidently at his lips. “Did that tigress keep you up all weekend?” Ruki interjected, wrapping a hand around the bassist’s shoulder and smiling back at their drummer. Both of them were like little balls of hyperactive energy and this was only because today was the start of a new tour. The start of the Reverberations through Hell tour to be exact, and the excitement surrounding the other two men was almost tangible within the humid Tokyo heat.

Kai was lost in his own thoughts, his eyes on the sidewalk below him and he barely heard the blonde duo’s comments. Or rather he sort of chose to ignore them. Looking up he tried his best to break the purse of his lips with a smile, but it was impossible. The problem was that guy had been on his mind all weekend, and it was weighing down on him like a bag of concrete had been strapped to his back. “Haha you could say that.” He chortled and ran a hand through his already muffed up hair. It had been a long weekend, and instead of spending it relaxing and healing his heart like he had planned, he spent it worrying over what he had done the Friday night. His mind was tormented with images of that man being rocked beneath him, his beautiful face painted with ecstasy, half lidded eyes sparkling, plush lips parted as breathy moans were emitted. A shiver ran down the drummer’s spine, and he shook his head violently, trying to shoo away any and all thoughts. If he was to be the leader he needed to be he had to start tour with a clean slate, and there was no way he could achieve such by constantly thinking of the other man. Looking back to Reita and Ruki he noticed the two had now started up a game of thumb wrestling, and he let out a bemused sigh. Yes, he definitely needed to be a strong leader if he was going to keep his and of hoodlums in order.

 Walking out of the comfortably air conditioned PSC building Aoi stuck his tongue out in distaste as the clammy air hit him. “I’m so glad we’re getting out of here.”The guitarist huffed in a low voice as the four of them watched their tour bus pull up to the curb of the studio. The black paint shimmered in the noon heat as it came to a complete stop. Suddenly Uruha came busting through the main doors of the building, his arms waving madly infront of him [much to the amusement of the others], and ran to the door of the bus. “Ladies first!” He called out as the bus driver hurriedly opened the doors to let the bouncing blonde on. “Well atleast he admits it.” Aoi smirked and followed after, a grin curving at his lips as he stepped onto the bus.

“So when’s ScreW getting here?” Ruki asked Kai as they filed onto the bus, quick to plop down in the prime real estate. “Well Jin told me they’d be here around noon, but...” The brunette trailed off, glancing down at his watch. “It’s twelve thirty.” Ruki rolled his eyes, as if saying ‘late like usual,’ and then focused his attention on Aoi had taken up residence on the black leather couch infront of the window, and Uruha who was sprawled out in his lap, already half asleep. “Did you keep him up all weekend Aoi?” Ruki nodded to the blonde and Aoi smirked deviously. “That’s for me to know.. And if you want, you can find out.” With a wink Ruki was sent on his way to find the next best place to settle his ass, leaving Kai to grumble alone about late band members and tight schedules.


Not ten minutes later a white van pulled up, and out piled their fellow tour mates. Byou was scowling, Manabu was chattering away with Jin and Rui, and lastly Kazuki had his arms crossed over his chest, and his eyes cast downwards. Kai quickly exited the tour bus, a flustered look upon his face as he approached Jin. It just wasn’t like him to get so worked up over thirty minutes.  “Ano, Kai-san. Rui was so nervous he forgot his bass at his house and then after we went back and got it, we ran into traffic.” The bassist blushed a furious shade of red as Byou and Manabu led him onto the tour bus and the crew loaded their equipment onto the trailer. That left Jin standing before the now much more composed Kai and Kazuki standing behind him, his eyes fixated upon the other band’s drummer.

“Well atleast you’re here now. The venue expects us to be there and ready by nine tonight, so we aren’t too behind. I’m sorry I got upset.” He bowed slightly, then as he looked up he noticed the guitarist standing behind Jin and he froze. Those eyes. He had seen them before, very recently infact. The brunette opened his mouth to speak but all words eluded him, and besides, Ruki had chosen now to peek his head out of the bus and yell at them. “Come on slowpokes!” The vocalist called back before tucking back in, his silhouette barely visible through the darkly tinted windows as he ran through the bus. “Ruki’s right. We better get going.” Jin laughed and grabbed both Kazuki and Kai by the crook of their arms, leading them onto the bus.

End Note - if this chapter seems a bit messy and short I'm sorry. I just didn't want to go on and on forever, because I felt like I could have xD plus I started and stopped writing this for nearly two weeks.. So maybe that's wy it's all jumbled in my head... Annnywaaays.. Please comment/critique~! <3

Tags: btb, kai, kazuki
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