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Beneath the Beauty -2/?- Kai/Kazuki

Title: Beneath the Beauty
Author: piyokolove 
Genre: Angst, Drama, Fluff [maybe] ,Romance
Bands/Pairings: The GazettE, ScreW; Kai/Kazuki, slight Aoi/Uruha.. others to come
Disclaimer: I don't own them.. PSC does.. lucky bastards >__<
Chapters: 2/?
Warnings: Het? MxM, Oral,
Rating: NC - 17
Summary: Kai is still down over his recent break-up, until one night he meets a beautiful woman. The woman of his dreams infact. Except it turns out she isn't a woman at all...
Comment: Yay second chapter :D and in less than a week [I think] Hope you enjoy. Comments are <33


The potent amount of alcohol swimming in their systems made clear thoughts impossible and it also helped a great deal in the loosening of more than tongues. By the time they were through the door of Kai’s house, the drummer was already without a shirt and his pants were undone. “You’re turn.” He slurred, a smirk forming upon his lips as he pointed to the woman’s black dress. Shaking her head she walked closer to Kai, a smirk of her own tugging at her peach lips. “Oh no baby.. it’s still your turn.” As those words slipped out of her mouth she stepped forward and pinned the brunette against the hall wall, a surprised gasp escaping him. Never had he seen a woman so strong, or fierce. To say it was a turn on was an understatement.


Her hands ghosted over the hardened muscles of his abdomen, dancing lightly on the skin and made the drummer suck in small breaths, as her lips met his nipples. Her tongue lapped over the hardened nub before she took it between her teeth, slowly sucking on it. All the while, her fingers were busy migrating lower until they slowly crawled over the black material of his briefs, not stopping until she felt the bulge she had been searching for. She began to massage his throbbing manhood through the material, a smile coming to her eyes as she heard him suck in a deeper breath. But she longed to hear him moan. She wanted more than small kitten cries.

Hooking her thumbs into the waistband she tugged the briefs down, exposing his engorged member to the outside world. Her expression changed to that of a hungry wolf’s as her tongue ran over his plush lips. One hand moved to wrap around the base of his length, kneading the skin gently, and her lips placed small butterfly kisses along the sides, making Kai mewl in pleasure. It wasn’t until she took the head into her mouth that he released an actual moan. She smirked around his members, her tongue diving into his slit, tasting the dewy precum as her cheeks caved in. Her head began to bob furiously, her curls falling into her face as the brunette placed a hand upon her head to steady himself. His legs were becoming weak and his mouth hung open in ecstasy. He had received blowjobs before, but this was mind-blowing, world shattering. It was as if she knew exactly what he wanted.

Her hand moved from his member and to the small of his back, pulling him even closer. She relaxed her throat, and as he thrust forward she swallowed him, making him cry out and tangle his fingers into her shimmering hair. Doe eyes glanced up to the man before her and she took note of his heaving chest, his tightened stomach and she leaned her head back, allowing his member to slide from her mouth with an unexpected pop. He groaned at the sudden loss, but it was quickly followed by a growl. He wanted more.


“Get on the bed.” He spoke in a low voice that made goosebumps appear on her exposed flesh. She crawled onto the bed, and laid herself out before the drummer like a feast before a king. Though a blush was beginning to spread upon her cheeks, and sweat beaded on her forehead. She was hiding something, and he was about to reveal it. What would he say? How would he react?


He ambled over to her, his hands moving to her exposed legs, slowly sliding upon the smooth skin until he met the lace material of her underwear. Nimble fingers quickly pulled off the article and tossed it to the floor, and a frightened sound escaped the woman before him, but it went unnoticed. He gazed her with dark lust filled eyes, and it made a shiver travel down her spine. This was what she wanted. Next his hands pushed at the satin fabric of her dress, pushing it up to her flat stomach, exposing everything below her waist. Everything….


Furrowing his eyebrows Kai opened his mouth to speak but quickly closed it again. He took a step back, his hands coming up to comb through his tangled brown hair. “Please don’t be mad.” She, or rather he pleaded. This brought the drummer back from his own world, a frown upon his lips. He had no idea what to say, or what to think. Did he yell at the man for being so deceitful and order him out? Or did he go along and fuck him? He was horny enough to, and if he didn’t he’d suffer all night.


“I don’t care.” He growled and with that he pounced upon the half naked man, his hands quickly moving to pin the smaller one’s arms to the bed. As stated before, Kai was no longer thinking clear thoughts. All he wanted was to fuck something. He wanted to feel better for once. He wanted revenge on his cheating girlfriend, even if it wouldn’t actually improve his situation.


The other man let out a low moan as Kai wrapped his hand around his neglected member and began pumping furiously. As if that wasn’t enough his hand moved to his ass, fingers circling his puckered hole. Suddenly he felt a dry finger being shoved into him and he cried out in pain. “You want this.” Kai said in a bitter tone. Obviously he wasn’t happy about his current situation and he was making that clear. The smaller man nodded and bit his lip, holding back anymore pained noises as he felt a second digit enter him and scissor slowly. Atleast the drummer was kind enough to prepare him.


“I don’t have lube, so I guess you’ll have to take it dry.” The drummer stated with a biting voice, but somewhere within those words lurked sadness and guilt. But such emotions would only be felt the following morning once the alcohol had vacated his system. Pulling a silver square from his back pocket Kai ripped the packet open with his teeth and then rolled the condom onto his leaking member. Hopefully the slickness of the condom would ease some of the pain for the other. “O..ok.” The man nodded and then cried out louder this time when he felt Kai’s rigid member slide into him at an agonizingly slow rate. Ignoring the cry, Kai gripped the other’s hips, pulling him closer until he was fully sheathed. The tight heat that surrounded him was absolutely blissful and the brunette couldn’t resist the urge to moan. He had never experienced anything like this before, and it was world rocking.


“P..please move.” The other grunted out and Kai returned from his pleasure trip to the present. Acknowledging the others request he pulled out slightly and then moved back in. With every thrust he pulled out further until he was nearly at the head of his member. With a groan he slammed into him, the sound of slapping skin accompanying the moans being elicited from the pair’s throats. After nearly ten minutes of nothing but low moans the smaller man suddenly let out a scream as Kai thrust in again, and the drummer smirked. Obviously he had found his prostate, and now he aimed every thrust at that one spot, a slight joy coming to him as he listened to the man scream and moan below him.


 “I’m almost there.” The dark haired man cried, his hands finding his own member and stroking it in time with the brunette’s vicious thrusts. Kai tossed his head back and let his mouth fall open as he thrust in, once, twice, and suddenly orgasm rocked his body. His eyelids slid shut as he felt tendrils of electricity shoot through his drained body. Never had he experienced an orgasm of that magnitude of that quality.


Seconds later Kai could feel his lover coming into his hand and over his own abdomen. The hot seed was cool compared to his sweltering body. The smaller man let out one last moan and he dropped his hand to his side, and rolled his head onto his cheek. Kai wanted to run a finger across the other’s exposed skin, he wanted to kiss a line across his collarbone and up to his angular jawline and he wanted to take the other in his arms and soothe him to sleep. Kai’s eyes went wide as he thought of such horrible things. He wasn’t gay, well besides the fact that he just had sex with another man, he liked women. That and the massive amount of alcohol he had ingested that night was the only reason he was here now. 


“I’m going to go take a shower.” The brunette announced and pulled out of the other, a low moan escaping him as he removed himself from that tight heat. He looked back to the used man before him and something struck at his chest. It was sort of like sympathy yet stronger.


Stepping into the shower Kai let out a groan. His muscles were so tired and his mind was fuddled. He didn’t know what to do anymore.

Sitting up the other man stared at the closed bathroom door. He knew he had to leave. It was the appropriate thing to do, but something inside him called out, willing him to stay. Ofcourse he ignored that pang like he had throughout the years. Glancing to the bedside table he noticed a small stack of post its next to the phone along with a pen. Pulling a note off the stack he scribbled something down before pressing it to the pillow beside him. “I’m such an idiot..” He cursed himself as he slid out of the bed, and quickly redressed. Walking out of the room, he stopped in the doorway and looked back to the closed door. “We shall meet again Yutaka-san.” He whispered to himself and walked out.

After nearly twenty minutes Kai stepped out of the steamed up bathroom, a towel wrapped around his waist. As the steam cleared he looked to his bed expecting the other to be curled up asleep, but instead he found it to be vacant, and that pang hit him again. He felt loss, pain and sadness. If only in small quantities.

Looking back he noticed a small post- it note sitting upon his pillow. He walked towards the bed and he read the note, a frown coming to his face.


“Sorry, and thank you.


A fan”


Notes: Ano, it’s a cliff hanger sort of.. but I wanted to leave it there so Kai can know how it feels to be alone once more. Sorry I made Kai seem like an ass in this.. I don’t know how I could ever manage that, but I did. Phew.. now he’ll go back to being all depressed. Woo.. xD


Tags: btb, kai, kazuki, screw, the gazette
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