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Ride with the Rockers -oneshot- Reita/Kai

Title: Ride with the Rockers
Author: piyokolove 
Genre: Smut.. pure smut
Bands/Pairings: The GazettE; Reita/Kai
Disclaimer: Not mine.. Not at all..
Chapters: oneshot :D
Warnings: MxM, Sex, pissy Uruha..
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Kai unknowingly gets Reita all hot and bothered during the concert.. so what happens afterwards is very surprising to the drummer?
Comment: Well.. this actually took a bit tooo long to write, but it’s finished. My best smut to date :D

Please enjoy ;D
Sweat shone on the drummer’s forehead as he pounded away at the drum set laid out before him, his hands moving swiftly to keep up with the intricate rhythm. As soon as the song was over he was gasping for air, but a smile remained on his face. He was having the night of his life, and the throng of people thrashing before him was incredible! Never before had he seen such an enthused and excitable crowd.
Soon the lights dimmed and this signified that the first half of the concert had come to an end. Kai and his fellow band members walked off stage only after Ruki yelled a promise that the next half would be even better.
"Ha, Kai. You look like you just stepped out of a sauna. Is it hot behind that drum set?" Aoi laughed and ruffled Kai's damp hair, a disgusted look coming across his face as he pulled back his wet hand. "You reek too." Uruha added in matter-of-factly as he changed out of his own sweat dampened top and into a band tour shirt. "Well you don't exactly smell like a rose either Uru." Now it was Reita's turn to cut in. He smirked and slipped on his own tour shirt, relieved to be in a much lighter article of clothing. The blonde guitarist sneered at the bassist and walked out of the room, only to return with a bottle of sake.
From beyond the walls of the lounge the cheers of thousands could be heard. The five knew that their break was almost up and they enjoyed one last drink, one last smoke. "Kai-san, Reita-san, two minutes." Their manager said as he popped his head into the lounge. Kai nodded and Reita let out a heavy sigh. "Good luck guys." the other three called as the rhythmists stood up and walked out after manager. "Don't mess up like last time, ok?" Reita jeered as Kai passed him to walk back onstage. Reita would wait in the shadows until it was his turn to woo the crowd, but for now it was Kai's chance to shine.
Kai took his spot behind the large drum set, a smile burning brightly upon his face. "Are you ready?!" The drummer called out to the crowd, only to have a wave of screams in return. Deft hands picked up the drumsticks that had been laid across the snare and he twirled one above his head before snapping it down to strike the drum. This started off a sporadic rhythm. His hands flew in every direction as he hit cymbal then drums, creating a roaring beat that was riling up the crowd before him. The lights that shone upon him were sweltering but he didn’t care. He was in heaven now. Nothing could be better than this! He was sure of it.
Sweat began covering his skin again and he was quickly becoming out of breath. Thankfully the halftime show was almost over, but before it ended someone else had to come on stage and show off. And that’s exactly what Reita planned to do.
The blonde bassist ran out on stage, bass in one hand, his other pumping the air. A smirk worked its way onto his lips as he stepped infront of the microphone. With animated eyes he looked over the writhing crowd before yelling into the microphone. He always loved this part of the concert. Perhaps it was even his favorite part. Not because he got to play bass solos the whole time, or because he was in the spotlight for once. No, he liked it because he loved the way bass guitar and drums sounded together. They fit together with such harmony. It was a perfect combination.
Reita looked back to Kai and nodded at the drummer with a smile. Kai responded and began to bring the seemingly never-ending song to a dramatic close. The crash of cymbals and the fanatical beating of drums began to wane until all that was left was the thrumming sound of a bass guitar being strummed slowly. “Thank you!” Reita called out in his low voice and then the lights were cut, throwing the whole stage in complete darkness.

Minutes later the lights were switched back on and Aoi, Ruki and Uruha had joined the pair. The next half of the show was to begin.

Ruki retook his spot at the front of the stage and threw his hands up as he smiled. The crowd went wild with cheers as the next song was started up and Ruki began shaking his hips to the ryhthm.

It was going to be one hell of a show!

Hours later the five walked back into the lounge, smiles and sweat on every one of their faces. “Good job guys..” Ruki breathed out, his voice hoarse from singing all night. He stood up and bid them all a good night. Then he walked out of the lounge, grabbing his coat on the way out. “Guess he has other plans.” Reita sneered and rested his hands behind his head. “Or maybe he’s tired.. You know, like all of us are.” Uruha retorted harshly and stood up. He hadn’t been in the best of moods all night, especially since he was now snapping at his best friend. “Just calm down Uruha..” Aoi said as stood up and followed Uruha out of the lounge. “I’m not calming down!” Uruha’s voice trailed off as he and Aoi stepped out into the hallway, letting the door shut behind them both.
“Guess that leaves you and me.” Kai smiled before standing up and stretching, his shirt rising with the movement and exposing his lean, flat stomach. Reita leaned forward from his spot on the couch and cleared his throat. The drummer turned his attention back to the bassist and chuckled lightly. “We should probably head out. We both need our sleep.” Kai walked towards the door and was about to open it when he felt a hand circle around his wrist. Kai turned to face the bassist, a questioning look on his face. “Yes Rei..” The drummer was cut off when a pair of lips descended upon his, and a strong arm pushed him against the door. Kai fought Reita’s lips, and he tried pushing against him to get free but it was of little use. Figuring that resistance was futile Kai melted into the kiss, his lips moving softly against Reita’s.
Glad there had been no real struggle Reita took both Kai’s wrists in his hand and held them above the drummer’s head, pinning him further to the door. Kai could feel Reita’s hot body pressed against his own. He could feel the hardening member restrained within the bassist’s pants rubbing against his own thigh. Thoughts slipped away and instinct took over.
He had never been with another man but he didn’t care about that. All he cared about was that he wanted sex, now, right after a hot concert, with his bassist.
Reita ground his now hard member against Kai’s own and the drummer emitted a soft moan, his head leaning back against the door. The blonde let go of Kai’s wrists and then moved his hands to the brunette’s pants, his fingers playing with the hem before reaching to undo the buttons. Suddenly scared little virgin Kai returned when he felt a hand reaching into his pants. “Rei..” He tried to stop the bassist, but moaned instead when his member was stroked through his underwear, making his hips press into Reita’s hand. Ofcourse he had gotten hand jobs from women before, but this was different. This was his close friend and bassist sticking his hand down his pants and playing with him.
Deft hands slid Kai’s pants and underwear from his waist, over his ass and down to his ankles. This exposed the drummer’s hardened member and Reita pulled away with a smirk upon his lips. “My my Kai-kun. You’ve been holding out on all of us.” A blush suddenly set fire to Kai’s cheeks and he turned his head, his embarrassment obvious.  “Reita.. Please.” The bassist ignored the plea and began kissing a trail down from the drummer’s angular jaw line to his collarbone, nipping lightly at the sensitive skin. Impatient hands pulled at Kai’s shirt and once it was off it was thrown into a corner of the room, where it was to be forgotten. As soon as the shirt was off Reita’s lips leapt to the flesh, his tongue rolling over the salty skin and teeth nipping lightly, causing the drummer to moan out occasionally. Reita’s skilled tongue trailed down lower and Kai’s stomach clenched as he tangled his hand in the bassist’s blonde spikes.
Reita began kissing the flesh again… slowly moving lower and lower. Kai sucked in a breath when the blonde kissed the head of his member, his tongue darting in and out of the slit. Though that was nothing compared to how it felt when Reita took Kai into his mouth, the sudden warmth pulling a moan from the drummer’s lips. Wrapping one hand around the base of Kai’s length, Reita dragged his mouth slowly off, his cheeks caving as he did so, until he was kissing the head again. Then with one move he removed his hand and took all of Kai in, swallowing, and making the brunette let out a louder moan, Reita’s name mixed in there somewhere.
As Reita swallowed again Kai’s hips bucked up, almost gagging the blonde, but he placed a firm hand against Kai, and glared up at him. The brunette couldn’t help but blush at their situation, but the blush was soon erased when he felt nails dig into his flat stomach. The combination of sensations was driving Kai over the edge and fast. “Rei..ngh.. Reita.. I’m close.” Kai spoke through pants and looked back down at the blonde. Hearing this Reita wrapped two fingers at the base of Kai’s length and slid Kai from his mouth. A whimper was heard as Kai mourned the sudden loss, but Reita was quick to make up for the loss.  “I don’t want you to come before the main event.” The blonde smirked and with that he undressed himself, tossing his shirt, jeans and boxers onto the floor. Kai couldn’t help but lick his lips when Reita’s own erect member was revealed, but he didn’t get time to savor the sight because Reita soon moved him from the door and onto the couch, quickly pinning him down flat on his back.
Kai was amazed at how ferocious Reita was, even though he was submitting now. However, the drummer had to admit that he was enjoying all of it. With women he was forced to be the “man”, so to speak, and it had always felt wrong in some way. Now that he was able to surrender to Reita, it all felt right, and he was hungry for more.
“Reita.. Fuck me.. Fuck me hard.” Kai moaned, his head pushing against the couch as Reita abused one hardened nipple with his teeth and tongue. Never before had the blonde heard such profane words be uttered by the drummer, and it was a sudden rush of excitement. Now he was glad he had stayed behind. “You need to beg first.” Reita smirked and moved his lips back to Kai’s exposed chest, sucking on the flesh and biting down harder than before, making sure to leave love bites that marked the drummer as his own. Arching up to the blonde’s hungry mouth, Kai inadvertently rubbed his member against Reita’s, causing both of them to moan. Dark, lust filled eyes looked back to Kai, and a smirk twisted at the bassist’s lips as he rubbed his member roughly against Kai’s again, making the drummer squirm in pleasure. “Ahh.. Reita.. Please. Please fuck me now.” Another rush of excitement shot through the bassist’s body and he was quick to comply to Kai’s requests this time.
Slipping two fingers into his mouth Reita wet them as best as he could before lowering his hand to Kai’s ass. Finding the drummer’s tight hole, the blonde slid one finger in, amazed at the tightness. “Damn Kai.” Reita smirked and slid his finger out halfway, only to shove it back in forcefully. The brunette hissed in pain but quickly bit his lip to keep back any other noises. He didn’t want Reita to think that he wasn’t enjoying the pain that that single finger inside of him was bringing. The bassist slowly added a second finger, making Kai shift uncomfortably beneath him, and scissored them so he would be ready for what was to come next.
Removing his fingers, Reita down at the drummer, whose face was flushed and his mouth hung open as he panted. “Are you ready?” He asked, knowing already that the answer would be yes. Kai nodded vigorously and the blonde smiled. Lifting Kai’s legs over his shoulders Reita pushed his length inside the drummer, slowly, savoring the tightness around him. Just that much was enough to make him moan out loud. Kai tossed his head back into the couch and balled his hands into fists, his nails digging into his palms, and resisted the urge to cry out in pain. He knew the suffering was only temporary. Or atleast he hoped so.
“Move, please.” He brunette pleaded and Reita obliged, and proceeded to barely pull out, his movements slow, and then thrust back in. This continued, and every time he thrust back in he changed the angle, searching for Kai’s prostate. After a few tries he finally heard a loud moan come from below him, and he knew he had found it. Reita pulled out, almost fully, and then slammed into Kai’s sweet spot, making the smaller man cry out in pleasure. Speeding up his rhythm, Reita had Kai moaning out his name within a matter of minutes.
Reita tossed his head back, the tightness of Kai, combined with the contraction of muscles every time his prostate was stroked, was driving the blonde close to the edge. Kai too was nearing his climax and his hand wrapped around his weeping member, and began pumping his curled fist in time with Reita’s thrusts. Before he knew it Reita was calling out to him, his voice husky and strained. “Ah, Kai.. Ngh.. I’m coming.” With that Reita pulled Kai close, their bodies flush together as he came inside the smaller man. The sudden heat of the bassist’s body against his drove Kai over the edge, and as he came he moaned out Reita’s name.
The two of them sat together for a few minutes, trying to catch their breath. Neither of them said a word, nor did they move. They just sat in silence, letting everything that had just happened sink in.
Kai was the first to break the silence. “Thank you Reita… But why me?” The question caused the blonde to look back at him with confusion. “What do you mean?” The bassist answered the question with another question. The brunette sighed, knowing he would have to explain. “Why did you choose to have sex with me and not some girl at a bar? Though I am very grateful that you chose me.” A slight blush blossomed on Kai’s cheeks and Reita leaned forward to kiss the reddened skin. “I chose you because during our solos you had me so hot. Do you know that you make the most erotic faces while playing? Some are even porn worthy.” The drummer blushed harder, but a smirk spread over his plush lips. “If that’s the case, then I guess I can expect something like this after every concert?” Reita nodded, his hand coming up to cup the brunette’s cheek. “Keep making those faces and it’s guaranteed.” With that he leaned forward and caught the drummer’s lips with his own, quickly locking them in a heated kiss. 

P.S. -  Thank you stoic_harlequin  for urging me to finish this. I hope you like it :D and I'm working on KaixKazuki, so please don't give up on me  <3


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