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A Little Update

Sorry guys, my page is under a bit of construction [can't find a layout I like, or works >.<] and I also seem to be having a major writers block, or atleast I think that's what it is.

I do have a few ideas about fics I want to write, I've even started a few -stares at my full writing journal- I really should get them out on of my journal and on here..

Hmm.. But which ones?

1: I have a Kai x Kazuki (The GazettExScreW) oneshot that I plan on making into a chaptered fic. I'm not sure about that one.

2: Lets see, I also have a Reita x Kai oneshot that I know is going to stay a oneshot, but it's been slow going with the smutty part [sucks at smut}

3:  Miku x ?.. Now this one I'm having some fun with, though it starts off reallly reallly angsty and depressing. I plan on making it cracky/romancy though.

4: I also have a RukixAoi in the works. It's kind of different because I'm writing it in e-mail/letter form. It's based on a disbanded GazettE [hope that never happens o.o] and in a time when Aoi and Ruki have broken up and moved on. No clue where it's going to lead though...

This is getting sad.. how many of these do I have "in the works"? -flips through journal- I'd say I need a hobby, but this is it xD

5: Lastly (maybe) I have an Aoi x Uruha. It's a crack/angst/romance kind of based on my own personal experiences. I'd like to continue with it, but I'm not so sure.

Ok.. Now that this is all in order maybe I should write descriptions about them and you guys can tell me which ones I should keep going, because I can't possibly choose, or keep them all going.

1:  Kai is depressed because his long time gf just dumped him. The other guys take him to a bar to try and cheer him up and end up hooking him up with the hottest girl in the bar. Only she's not a girl. "She's" the guitarist for their label mates ScreW, Kazuki. Turns out the guitarist hides a little secret on the weekend, and ends up sleeping with Kai. Though the drummer never realizes who it is [though he does realized the stranger has a dick xD]. Eventually The GazettE and ScreW end up going on tour together, thus meaning Kazuki and Kai spend a lot of time together. Kazuki has sort of fallen for Kai since the night they spent together, but Kai still doesn't know who it was. So that all builds up dramatically.. Stolen glances and the such.. I like it :)

2:  Kai and Reita have a halftime show thing called Ride with the Rockers [atleast I believe this is what it's called] and during the show Reita gets a bit hot and bothered by a certain drummer just doing his thing [omg some of the faces Kai makes while drumming are just porn worthy xD] and after the show the others all head out, leaving thw two alone. Kai is none the wiser, until Reita suddenly makes his move. [Almost Done]

3: An Cafe has gone on hiatus and this leaves Miku in a deep depression, which leads to him sulking in his house all day, everyday. One day Teruki gets pissed off and drags Miku back into the real world, and drops a nice little surprise into his care.

4: Ruki and Aoi used to love each other, until things all went to hell and the band broke up. A few years later, it turns out Aoi is still thinking about Ruki, eventhough they have both moved on. Aoi invites Ruki to Kai's birthday and there old love is awakened.

5: This one is harder to summarize because it's somewhat based on my own life, and thats always changing, but basically Uruha meets Aoi through Reita, and Aoi changes his life in more ways than one.

I didn't want to say too much in the "summaries" becvause then you wouldn't want to read it you already knew what was going to happen.. Gives away ll the surprise.

So now that I've probably bored you all to death, I want to say thank you for reading :D


Please comment and tell me which you'd like to see continued.. Pwetty pweeze :D
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