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Goodbye, Goodnight, For Good -5/?- Ruki/Uruha

Title: Goodbye, Goodnight, For Good
Genre: Angst, and Crack [smut to come in further chapters]
Bands/Pairings: The GazettE; Ruki/Uruha [slight Uruha/Aoi]
Disclaimer: I don't own the sexy Gazemen..
Chapters: 5/?
Warnings: MxM, Plans for revenge.. stuff like that
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Ruki and Uruha live in the same town, live in the same apartment complex, and work at the same place but how close do they really get? And do they stay that close? One night will change it all. Uruha's POV
Comment: Woah.. I wrote this whole thing today. Today was surprisingly easy..  and I listened to amazing music all day (mainly The GazettE, Alice Nine, and Dir En Grey) and wow. I’m glad I’ve gotten out of my fic bog.. it was extremely icky and hard to write last week. But I’m bouncing back!



“Uruha! Get your lazy butt out of bed! We’re going to miss the train!” Aoi had burst into my bedroom and threw open the curtains, drenching me in light. “Nahh! Aoi!” I yelled in annoyance and threw the covers back over my head, shielding myself from the dreaded sun. “Oh come on. You said you would go to Tokyo with me today.” He said tugging at the corner of me sheets, trying to pull them free from my tight grasp. “Aoi, please, no.” I begged but it was too late. The covers had been yanked off the bed, exposing my naked body to the man standing before me. Aoi’s cheeks turned beet red, but he didn’t look away. I could feel his eyes roaming over my exposed body and suddenly I felt very self conscious. “Aoi! Out!” With that he snapped his eyes away from my body and dashed out of the room, understandably embarrassed. It wasn’t everyday you see your best friend naked.


To be honest I really didn’t want to go to Tokyo, but Aoi had been pleading with me all week, and there was just no saying no to him. Seriously, there was no way anyone could say no when he whipped out the puppy dog eyes. They got me every time, but I had been learning and my own puppy dog eyes had improved. Monkey see, monkey do.


“Ok, I’m ready.” I announced as I stepped out of my bedroom and into the bright sunlight. Ugh, he had opened all of my curtains again. This was the second time this week. Anytime I asked him to stop he would say the sunlight was good for me, and it made the house more open.. blah blah stuff like that. Didn’t he understand that I liked a dark house? It was my little hideaway. But then again that’s what Aoi was for. He was there to keep me away from my hideaway.


As I walked around my now very bright house the smell of something delicious cooking wafted my way. I followed the scent, my eyes closed as I breathed in deep. The scent led me to the kitchen where I spotted Aoi standing over the stove, moving a sizzling pan around with one hand and using a spatula on something with the other. “What are you doing?” I asked, curiosity peaking in my voice. A startled Aoi turned around, the sizzling pan still in his hand, and a wide smile spread across his face. That smile.. It was the kind of smile anyone would want to wake up to every morning of their lives. It was just so beautiful.


“I’m cooking.. duh.” He chuckled and turned back around to tend to what I had now figured out where eggs in the other pan. “Why?” My voice was quizzical as I stepped closer to investigate. Didn’t he say we had to leave soon? “Well.. I felt bad about.. umm,” He scratched the back of his neck in an embarrassed manner and bit at his bottom lip. “I just felt bad so I made you breakfast.” He really was too kind to me. Getting me out of the house every day, making me breakfast. I didn’t deserve a friend like him. Infact a little hermit like me didn’t deserve friends at all. “I’m afraid you’ll have to have it to got though.” As he spoke he turned off the stove, the small fires under the burners being extinguished with a hiss, and walked toward me holding a box of warm breakfast outstretched in his hand. Once I took the food he grabbed my hand and pulled me out the front door, with minimal protest from myself.


The train ride wasn’t too long, nor was it excruciatingly boring like my last train ride had been. My last train ride… it had been nearly a year ago… when I… ‘Don’t do it Uruha.. don’t even think about it.’ I regained my composer and looked at the sleeping Aoi who had rested is head on my shoulder. I felt his hot breath on my neck and a shiver ran down my spine. I was amazed that I had let someone so close to me, not just physically, but mentally. I looked upon his sleeping face, his placid features, and I smiled. Aoi had been my true savior. He pulled me from the hole I had dug myself that one day, and every day after that had been bright and sunny. Well not literally, but Aoi had became my sunshine. Maybe that’s why he liked to open all of my curtains, because he knew every night when I finally got home I would have to close all of them and I would laugh because I would  imagine him running through my house, throwing open all of the windows and singing some funny tune. That was how I first caught him when I stepped out of my room one morning, and the image stuck with me. But besides that the man resting beside me was amazing and I was so lucky to have met him. Without him I’d still be a mess.


As the train came to a stop it was my turn to wake up the man next to me, but not in the obnoxious fashion he had displayed this morning. No, that would’ve gotten stares from many of the business men and women on the train, and we certainly didn’t want that. “Aoi, wake up. We’re here.” I poked his cheek and he blinked sleepily up at me, his dark lashes fluttering across his cheeks in a drowsy fashion. “Oi! I’m sorry.” He mumbled and picked his head up off of my shoulder, his hands quickly smoothing the fabric of my shirt. All I could do was laugh. “It’s ok. Now hurry up or we’ll be stuck on the train till Kyoto.” I grabbed him by the wrist and tugged him along, now happy that I had agreed to accompany him to the large city.


Our day was filled with walking, walking, oh and more walking. Plus we had gotten lost plenty of times and this caused us to miss our train. No big deal though. Aoi said he had a hotel room covered. So kind of him, ne? We decided to head for a small bar across from the hotel before we turned in though, just to relax and talk about the day. We had seen so many amazing things, and ofcourse I had bought many more amazing things. Now Aoi wasn’t much of a drinker, but I was. Though I had preferred to stay sober; not wanting any repeats of certain events. “Thank you Uru-kun.” I turned to Aoi, a bit perplexed. He had never used such a name with me. “You’re welcome.” I said with a smile, and a slight blush to my cheeks. While we waited for the bartender to get to us, I turned around to rest my back against the bar, my elbows propped up on it behind me, and my eyes began roaming the dozens of people seated in the bar. “Can I get you anything?” That voice? I had heard it before, but where? Spinning back around I came face to face with my past, and the man I had left it with.




A wave of realization crossed his face, stiffening his features, and he quickly averted his gaze. “I don’t think we have that drink here.” His words were strained and slow. He knew damn well that I wasn’t talking about a dream, and I got the sudden urge to reach across the bar and slap him, but I was aware of Aoi’s questioning eyes upon me. “Well.. do you have a Slow Screw?” I asked in a seductive tone. I heard Aoi make a light gasping noise, and I turned to him. A devilish plan had planted itself in my head, and I was crazy enough to think it would work. I leaned close to the raven haired man, and without a second thought I pressed my lips softly against his own, eliciting yet another gasp from him. I took that opportunity to deepen the kiss, and Aoi didn’t fight back. Infact, he did the opposite. He melted into the kiss like warm butter, his arms quickly snaking around my slim waist. I was fully aware of Ruki’s fiery glare as I slid my tongue along Aoi’s teeth, and then pulling my tongue back I bit down lightly on Aoi’s bottom lip, and sucked on it with vigor. I knew I was taking advantage of my best friend, but it was all I could do to try and make Ruki jealous. Make him regret walking out on me almost a year ago. But even then I felt like a horrible person.


I pulled away from the kiss, a small whimper slipping past Aoi’s lips at the loss, and looked back to Ruki. He was staring at us both with a murderous glare, and I felt the pain all over again. I grabbed Aoi’s hand to steady myself as I slid off the barstool. “We..we should probably head back to the hotel. I’m tired.” I lied to the best friend I had just taken advantage of and began walking toward the door of the bar. ‘Don’t look back. Don’t look back! Stay strong.’ I urged myself but my heart won out, and I turned to look at the man who was staring hatefully back at me, his lips set in a firm line and his arms hanging limply at his sides. ‘He really does hate me..’ I was clear now. Atleast now I could finally take my first step towards a new life. A step away from Ruki and towards Aoi perhaps. A step away from the one sided love I had for Ruki and a step towards a love that would embrace me fully. “I’m so sorry.” I whispered to myself as tears began to spill over my flushed cheeks. Aoi opened the door for me, and we walked together into the darkness of the night, and back to the hotel.

Notes - I really like this chapter ( mainly because I'm a big Aoi/Uruha fan ^_^) but also because I feel like it really shines a light on how much Aoi has helped Uruha recover from such heartbreak. And sorry Ruki made only a slight appearance.. I already have the next chapter worked out in my head and he is in that one A LOT. And maybe I'll have it up tomorrow.. who knows.  Hope you enjoyed! And thank you all in advance for reading! :D

P.S. - I have another oneshot, perhaps chaptered fic that I just thought about writing while I was at practice. It'll be a sweeter one than this one, but I'm at a loss for who the pairing should be. I was thinking Aoi/Kai.. but I'm not really sure. Any suggestions?


Tags: ggfg, ruki, the gazette, uruha
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