September 2nd, 2010

BW Die

Remember When -1/?- Kamijo x Hizaki

Title: Remember When
Chapter: 1/?
Genre: romance and fluff >.< it's soo fluffeh~!
Warnings: No sexings and just one chaste kiss.. pfft so unlike me
Rating: G  for now
Pairings/Characters: Kamijo x Hizaki [Kamijo's POV]
Do you remember the day we both said “I love you”? Those three words led to a whole series of events.  Good and bad, tragic and pleasant. I never want to forget any of the trials we both faced together. I hope you never want to forget either.
Comments: Ok ok.. Well this is for my creative writing class and I decided, "Hey! Why not write fanfiction instead :'D" Well now this means I can update something regularly-ish.. but a downside is it has to stay clean. Well   at least the school version. I might add in some other stuff for LJ.. Idk.. but I hope you guys enjoy~!

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