February 15th, 2010

BW Die

Goodbye, Goodnight, For Good -2/?- Ruki/Uruha

Title: Goodbye, Goodnight, For Good
Genre: Crack, Angst, Smut
Bands/Pairings: The GazettE; Ruki/Uruha
Disclaimer: I don't own the sexy Gazemen..
Chapters: 2/?
Warnings: MxM, sexual content.
Rating: Pg-13
Summary:Ruki and Uruha live in the same town, live in the same apartment complex, and work at the same place but how close do they really get? And do they stay that close? One night will change it all. Uruha's POV
Comment: I find that it's a lot easier to write when I'm exhausted.. Strange.. Hope you like the newest chapter :) 


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