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Together -1/1- TeruxIbuki

Title: Together
Author: piyokolove
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Teru/Ibuki
Disclaimer: I do not own either of these men
Warnings: implied sex, crack!pairing, fluff
Summary: Ibuki remembers exactly how he and Teru got their start together, and how life just goes on from there
Comments: I finally found the inspiration to write about one of my favorite pairings [besides Kamijo/Hizaki] My gf normally plays Teru, and I take on Ibuki, but it seems here they’re a bit OOC.. oh well <3

I was nervous as you told me to undress with an affectionate smile tugging your lips up at the corners and you had the gentlest touch as I pulled my shirt off slowly to expose my thin stomach. Your guitar calloused fingers ran over the skin softly and I couldn’t help the ruddy blush that rose upon my cheeks when your velveteen lips met my warm flesh. I had never felt this way about another person, much less another boy, but with you I didn’t even have to try. You took my hand and led the way, and even if I stumbled you picked me back up with ease. You were my mentor, my best friend, and from then on, my lover.

A smile crept upon my lips as I recounted that night so many years ago. The way my fingers shook as I slipped my jeans and boxers off of my slim waist, exposing my pale behind for your eyes to devour. The way you kissed a heated pathway from the rise of my buttocks to the base of my neck, teeth never meeting the skin, but I was marked as yours either way. I remember the short flash of pain that came with being filled shortly followed by the constant waves of pleasure that washed over my heat flushed body. The way you rolled into me, your eyes full with a passion you only held for me, and your hands ravishing my pleasure wracked body. When I came you smiled the most beautiful smile I had ever witnessed in all of my seventeen years of living, and I melted under your undulating body until you too came inside of me, my name ghosting past your lips as a suggestion of a love to come. That night the nightmares vacated my dreams, leaving my head void of monsters and filled with nothing but you. Your smell, your touch, your voice. I was lost in all of it, and there was no way I was going back.

“Ibuki, it’s time to go.” I hear you calling me now and I know you’ll step into the room soon, a crooked smile on your face and your eyes watching me with a playful demeanor as you lean against the doorframe, arms crossed as if you’re upset with me. But I know it’s all an act. I know you inside and out, but that doesn’t change what we have, because ever since that night we have become the epitome of love, what every couple strives for. I hear you coming down the hallway, confident footsteps echoing off wood floors as you finally step into the doorway and lean against it just as I had predicted, arms crossed and a smile on your face. “I’m coming, keep your pants on.” I mumble impishly and gaze up at you through black lashes, my own smile tainting my lips now. I quickly shut the lid of your laptop, too lazy to have gone in search of my own, and push the chair away from the desk before I make my way towards you, smile never leaving my face. “Are you ready?” You whisper before I nod and pull you close into a hug, my arms settling around your waist, as yours do the same around mine. A warm embrace, ended with a quick kiss to plush lips. My favorite kind of hug if any one were to ever have asked.

“Come on Teru, we have papers to fill out.” I whisper into your ear and graze my thumb across your cheekbone tenderly, my actions being met with a happy sigh and a hand atop of mine on your cheek. You pull it to your mouth and kiss each knuckle in sequence, smiling as your lips meet the cold metal of the silver band you placed on my left ring finger just a year ago. Our eyes meet and another bond forms between us, strengthening the unbreakable ties we already have to one another, and today we will add a steel cable between us. “Let’s go meet our little girl.” Your voice sends a spark of excitement through me, and all the nervousness I had been feeling is washed away by a simple press of lips upon mine.

“Ready when you are.” And with that my hand was laced with your own, and you led me down the hallway, our footsteps echoing together this time as we walked towards our future.
Tags: d=out, oneshot, versailles
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