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Cuddle Weather -1/1- DiexToshiya

Title: Cuddle Weather
Rating: PG
Pairing: Die/Toshiya
Disclaimer: The usual.. sexy men aren't mine ;__;
Summary: Toshiya hates winter, but Die makes him see otherwise sometimes..
Comments: My first Die/Toshiya.. and my second Diru fic.. Haha I wanted to write something wintery so why not with them? Hope you enjoy~
Winter had never been Toshiya’s favorite season but he did always take delight in the first snowfall. The way a single snowflake felt as it melted upon his cheek or how a thick layer of snow could make even Tokyo look serene amazed him to no end. It was always the small things such as those that made him enjoy the wretched weather; though once the snow stuck around for a while and temperatures stayed well below freezing even during the day, then it was time for Toshiya to start complaining.

That was when he wanted nothing more than for the snow to melt under his ferocious gaze and for spring to hurry up and bloom. There were days when every stray snowflake that landed on his face was furiously wiped away and he would curse the piles of snow that surrounded him, kicking at them furiously until he wore himself out. The bassist just couldn’t see why everyone made such a big fuss out of all the piles of useless powder. Plus all of this talk of ‘perfect cuddle weather’ was beginning to royally piss him off. People could cuddle all year round but why did they pick now to start talking about it? Hell, he even saw it advertised on a building along with some sort of alcohol on his way to studio last week. Everyone used the term, even his lover, much to Toshiya’s dismay.
“I love how cold it’s gotten outside. It’s so nice.” Die smiled as he wrapped his hands around his mug of coffee and gazed out of the window in their living room, watching the flakes that drifted down from the comfort of the couch. “What’s to love about it?” Toshiya mumbled from his spot on the floor, not even bothering to look up from the sheets of music spread out around him. The younger man had never grasped how Die could love the weather outside no matter what. The guitarist always found something beautiful about it and Toshiya bet the man could even find something to love about a tornado.

“Well it’s pure and it’s as if it’s cleansing Tokyo of the hot summer heat and getting the city ready for a wonderful spring.” The older spoke with a soft smile as he stretched out even further on the couch. Though even with Die’s less than sane reasoning Toshiya could only snort in response. He had busied himself with reviewing the music sheets Kaoru had given them for a new song he was thinking of. Didn’t he know it was their first week off in months? The bassist swore that man never took a break and that was the only reason Toshiya was out of bed to begin with. If it wasn’t for the older man calling him at eight that morning and yelling about how he had ‘better drag his lazy ass out of bed and look over his parts and tweak them by tomorrow' then he would still be in bed curled up under the warmth of the heating blanket.  Thus why Toshiya was now lounging around on the floor in nothing but sweat pants and a too big t-shirt, listening to Die ramble on about his favorite season.

“Don’t snort at me. You know as well as I do that it’s a fun way to think about it.” Die laughed lightly and shifted on the couch. Though Toshiya was too wrapped up in his work to hear the soft protest of springs as Die climbed off the couch and sat down behind him until suddenly the younger man felt arms wrap around his waist, warmth flooding through him at the contact, as he was pulled back between the guitarist’s legs. For a second he refused to melt into the other’s warm touch, knowing that would mean his surrender in this little battle, but at the moment Toshiya didn’t really care. The snowflakes outside were beautiful and it had a calming effect on them both, and suddenly the bassist knew that as long as he was safe and warm in Die’s arms, he would always love winter.

A/N: Well I wrote this back in December and it was put in the D/T Advent Calendar.. but I figured it was still relevant enough to post now :'D
Tags: die, dir en grey, oneshot, toshiya
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