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It's called a LAPtop not a DESKtop for a reason (=__=)

So after my brother finally killed my Acer back in August [it had been having powercord problems all summer, just like my first laptop] I've been on my dad's HP laptop since then.. Well really I've about taken it over but for Christmas I got a card 'redeemable' for a laptop from my parents. I was really excited, even when dad said I couldn't go over $500. I can do $500, not that bad.. but when I showed him a nice HP I was looking at, the DM3 13.3 inch with the coolsense so it doesn't get hot as hell [like this one], I was quickly told it was too expensive. It was only $563 when I first looked at it.. I'd pay the rest over 500, but then he told me he didn't want to spend over 400.. WTF?! All you can get for $400 is a netbook.. I need a laptop for school.. and definitely not a netbook!

He compiled a list of laptops for me to look at last night, and some were netbooks with 10 inch screens.. He was the one telling me that I wouldn't like the DM3 because the screen is too small.. really 13.3 is a pretty standard size..

We also got in the argument that I don't need a portable laptop that I can keep it on the desk like I did with my Acer, even get a cooling fan for it like the HP if it needs it. Well isn't that just fun.. but it's it called a LAPtop for a reason, right? I want to be able to put it in my lap without having the thing shut off after 20 minutes because it overheats, or burning my legs because of the heat. This is ridiculous.

So now I'm stuck.. I have never been too great of a shopper, and picking a laptop is a big decision. I want that DM3, but I'd have to pay $180 of my own money for it, and I still need to save up to see my girlfriend over springbreak.  Money is a cruel thing..

Ugh.. and I'm done ranting. Back to listening to Daichi Miura.. His new song Drama is uhmahzing <3 I'm in love~ and it's pulled me back from the Kpop obsession I've had lately. Japanese I've missed thee~!

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