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In My Head -1/?- KamijoxHizaki

Title: In My head
Chapters: 1/?
Genre: Angst, Drama, slight fluff
Bands/Pairings: Versailles; KamijoxHizaki
Warnings: Demons, maybe character death
Rating: PG-13 [for now]
Summary: A demon invades Kamijo's head and eventually takes over his body, all the while hurting and driving Hizaki away
Disclaimer: I don't own the people, but I share the story idea with
saskichuuei <3
Comment: This part was written as a 'horror' story for my creative writing class, but I decided to add onto it. Oh and like always thank you
saskichuuei for being and awesome rp partner, among other things ^^


This day was different. Not in the sense that anything had actually changed, but it felt different. The act of pulling his head from the pillow was a chore, his chest felt like there was a weight hefted upon it, and every limb felt like they were carved out of lead. What was this? Others might have thought it was some impending sickness or a disease forming within their veins, but Kamijo knew better. This was just the forewarning that this day was going to go horribly wrong.
           After managing to climb out of bed, Kamijo stumbled into the kitchen, fatigue washing over his body in subtle waves and deft fingers flipping on the coffee maker as he stood by the counter top, his dark eyes fixated on the glass pot. A hand was pressed to his head to keep away the ache forming in his temples and he sighed in resignation. The sudden aches and pains were nuisances he had grown accustomed to. It was the all too familiar feeling of how bad his day was going be.  After years of this occurring the brunet was quickly growing tired of it. The constant battles being fought in his head, and why? Why him? Why had his life been taken over and turned into a living hell.

           Every morning he woke up alone, the other side of the bed cold and untouched. He was no longer greeted by the beautiful smile of his beloved or the warm sound of his laughter as he was poked and prodded to get his lazy self out of bed so they could start the day and walk to work together. No, now Kamijo’s days were filled with brooding silences, stifled laughter and awkward encounters. He had been abandoned like an unwanted child. His relationship had been broken, crushed like a bug under the heel of a boot and he didn’t even have the faintest idea of where his so called soul mate had run off to. As a result, he was left all alone. Left alone with all of the memories that haunted him on a nightly basis, depriving him of much needed sleep. Left alone with.. IT.
           There had been a time when things were much brighter, and Kamijo was able to look upon his reflected face and not flinch away. A time when he still had his darling to stand by his side. Though those times were far gone. Crumbled into dust and only remembered from time to time when Kamijo was locked in his headspace with nothing to do but go through old memories.
Which seemed to be an increasing occurrence nowadays.
He was no longer his own person. The real Kamijo was withering away, leaving nothing but the monster that had invaded his body.
The demon that wriggled its way into his head.
           “Kamijo, your time is up. You know the drill.”
That unnerving voice dripped like acid into his ears and a cold chill ran down his spine. Setting down the coffee cup he had clenched into his right hand he braced both hands on the countertop and bowed his head, eyes squeezed firmly shut. “Why me?” He groaned as pain laced his head, and it felt like a conflagration was ripping through his skull, the flames licking at every nerve in his body. Though no matter how excruciating it was, he had grown accustomed to the pain. It had become just another part of his troubled life.
           “That’s a good boy, Kamijo. I told you that you would learn eventually. I’m in charge here.” That voice was no longer corrosive to the ears; rather it was deep and rich much like his own, only because it was his own voice that echoed in the empty house. Kamijo had been forced out of his body, only to take shelter in his head, lurking in his mind like he had in the past. And here he would stay for half of the month.
In the beginning it hadn’t been so bad. Two weeks as himself, together with his beloved, and two weeks away, almost like a vacation. But soon lines began to blur, and Kamijo had no idea where the demon ended and he began. And he wasn’t the same person his dear had fallen in love with. He was moodier, and easier to infuriate. The gentle edge to him was gone and he snapped at the littlest things. Bonds were strained to their breaking point and when they finally snapped Kamijo was left alone with no one to keep him company but the monster that had caused it all.

A/N - Sorry it's a tad short. I lost a bit of inspiration writing it for class and all, but I'll pick it back up this week ^^ Comments are <3

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