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First Date -1/1- Kamijo x Hizaki

One of my absolute favorite memories, besides the day I proposed to you, is of the first date we ever had. That is what we called it right? Though even before that we weren’t exactly official. It was that day that we figured out our feelings towards each other and also the day we shared our first kiss. A kiss that held the answers to every question that I hadn’t had the guts to ask yet. A kiss that let me know that you were there to stay.

I had told you to meet me at the pond in the local park later that day. It wasn’t really a date, rather just a simple get together. Right? We had only met through our teacher, as I was appointed to be your math tutor because you had missed some classes for reasons I still to this day don’t know. But none of that mattered once I saw your slim figure sitting on the grassy bank, a loaf of bread at your side.

You looked beautiful, with your blonde hair cascading down your back in a spill of gold and your dress complimented you in every way. I felt underdressed in comparison, but I think everyone did when standing next to you. You knew how to just throw something on and make it look amazing.

Before I made my way to you I watched from afar, a small smile spreading upon my lips as you nibbled at the butt of the loaf. You were just too cute sometimes, but I had never told you this. I had never complimented you on anything either. That day was my day to tell you everything I felt about you, and tell you I did.

“I thought we were supposed to be feeding the ducks.” I chuckled as I sat down beside you. You smiled at me, your eyes lighting up with a childlike enthusiasm and you handed me a piece of bread. “Well I eat when I’m nervous.” You admitted shyly, your eyes now drifting back to the ducks congregating in the pond before us. Did you mean to confess this to me, or was it just a slip of the tongue? “There’s no reason to be nervous.” I admitted to you before ripping off a piece of the bread and tossing it to one green headed mallard swimming around infront of me.

I heard you shift on the grass and I looked back over, your eyes still fixated on the murky waters of the pond. “Is everything ok?” I asked, not exactly knowing what else to say to you. I knew you were shy. I had known that from day one. But had I pushed you away somehow? Had my actions provoked you in some way? “What are we?” You blurted out, my eyes widening at the outburst before a small laugh rose in my throat. “Well...” I was at a loss for words. Rubbing at the back of my neck I smiled apologetically to you, not exactly knowing what to say. “Do you want for us to date?” I chose my words carefully, or as carefully as possible. Relationships had always been like traversing a minefield to me. Step in the wrong spot and you’re a goner.

“I would like that very much. Would you?” I vowed that day I would never grow tired of your sweet voice, no matter what you said, especially when it spoke of our future like that. “I would.” Ofcourse I knew there were boundaries that new couples like us had to worry about. How far could one go so soon? I didn’t want to rush you, nor did I want to crawl about at a snail’s pace, only for you to grow bored and leave. I had to think carefully.

Judging one boundary I leaned forward, my lips barely brushing against the warm skin of your cheek, before pulling away. Blue eyes took in the light blush that dusted your cheeks and I couldn’t help but smile. “You look beautiful today by the way.” I murmured and retreated back to my spot in the grass. I heard you whisper out a low thank you, and that was the day I also realized you weren’t too good at receiving compliments either. But I would work my way around your shyness and your seeming lack of self confidence. I would help in whatever way possible to give my own confidence to you as well.

Gazing up at the sky I noticed that what had once been a blue canvas painted with nothing but splotches of white was now an abstract design of dark shades and wiry outlines. “It looks like rain.” I said just loud enough for you to hear, and I knew I had jinxed the sky when I felt a rain drop fall upon my brow and slide down the bridge of my nose. I thought the rain would have put a damper on things, but I was wrong.

Grasping your hand I pulled you up and we ran for the cover of a large tree not too far off, but by the time we reached it we were soaked through. So much for that idea. Though as we stood there, another idea formed in my mind. One I had always wanted to try out. “Come here.” I pleaded with you, my blue eyes meeting your soft brown ones as I walked you out from the cover of the tree and into the pouring rain. The beads of water felt warm against my skin and I smiled as I looked to you, your face a mask of confusion. “What are we doing?” You asked when I laced our fingers together, but your eyes lit up in realization as my free hand cupped your cheek. “It’s our first kiss.” I whispered before pressing my lips to yours. A small noise of surprise left your throat but soon you melted into the kiss and my arms wrapped around your waist so I could pull you closer and your own arms were linked around my neck. This was perfect. Not even the fact that I was soaking wet could deter the happy feeling washing through me. That was the moment that I knew I loved you.

Even now as I write this I remember how it felt to hold you so close for the first time. I remember how truly happy I was that it was me who got to share that moment with you. I smile now because I know it’s one of many memories we’ll never let go of.

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