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Remember When -1/?- Kamijo x Hizaki

Title: Remember When
Chapter: 1/?
Genre: romance and fluff >.< it's soo fluffeh~!
Warnings: No sexings and just one chaste kiss.. pfft so unlike me
Rating: G  for now
Pairings/Characters: Kamijo x Hizaki [Kamijo's POV]
Do you remember the day we both said “I love you”? Those three words led to a whole series of events.  Good and bad, tragic and pleasant. I never want to forget any of the trials we both faced together. I hope you never want to forget either.
Comments: Ok ok.. Well this is for my creative writing class and I decided, "Hey! Why not write fanfiction instead :'D" Well now this means I can update something regularly-ish.. but a downside is it has to stay clean. Well   at least the school version. I might add in some other stuff for LJ.. Idk.. but I hope you guys enjoy~!

Do you remember the day we both said “I love you”? Those three words led to a whole series of events.  Good and bad, tragic and pleasant. I never want to forget any of the trials we both faced together. I hope you never want to forget either.

Remember the magenta hue of the flowers that were tucked neatly inside the bouquet of roses that I had bought you on our walk to the local park. Your face lit up at that small gesture. Your eyes sparkled like deep auburn pools and your pale pink lips stretched as you smiled beautifully. It was always the simple things that made you happy. Maybe that was why you were with me. I was a simple person, nothing too complicated to figure out.

As we walked hand in hand along the sidewalk we exchanged smiles and flirtatious glances, not caring exactly where were going, just as long as we were together. The summer day was warm, but not oppressing and the smell of baked gods wafted out of a nearby café, but we ignored the urge to stop in and have our fill of fresh breads. Instead you pulled me across the street, our feet hitting the pavement hard as we ran across the street and into the park we had been meandering towards the whole time.

“Can you make out any shapes in the clouds?” You asked cheerfully as we took a spot on the grassy field in the middle of the park, your shining eyes turned skyward. My own blue ones followed suit and I gazed up at the white cotton floating lazily against the cerulean backdrop and I tilted my head quizzically. “I see a heart right there.” I said as I pointed to a large cloud drifting past and smiled down at you. “Oh.. I see it.” You whispered in a gentle tone as you leaned into me, your arms wrapping around my neck to hold me close, warmth hugging me close as you sat near. The balmy summer air clung to my skin and the dry, dead ends of the once vibrant green grass prickled at the palm of my hand that rested flat against the earth, but I was barely aware of such discomforts. You were my focal point of the afternoon.

I could hear your breathing deepen and I assumed the warmth of the sun and the serenity of lying in my arms was taking a toll on you. Glancing down I noticed your eyes had slipped closed, your eyelashes now brushing against your cheek as you lie peacefully in my arms, and I couldn’t help the smile that tugged at my lips. I was glad you felt so safe and comfortable with me.

Breathing in deeply I caught the scent of your strawberry shampoo mixed with the fragrant aroma of the flower gardens littering the grounds of the park, most cascading over in pools of rainbow colors, untamed flowers growing as they pleased. This was your favorite place to come, and I’m glad you had decided to share it with me.

Mere minutes passed which felt like a blissful eternity together and finally you stirred in my embrace. “Good afternoon.” I chuckled lightly as you blinked owlishly up at me. “Was I asleep for very long?” You asked sheepishly, your soft voice carrying upon the warm wind and the sun reflected off your blushing cheeks. “No, but you can sleep longer if you want. I don’t mind.” Instantly I felt your head nuzzling into my chest and I smiled warmly down at you. I was happy. No, I was much more than that. I was feeling emotions that I couldn’t put names to. Emotions that didn’t need names for them to be fully expressed. With those emotions,  I knew that was it.

“I love you.” I whispered quietly into your ear as you lie against me, seemingly asleep. “I love you too.” My heart fluttered, like a bird beating its wings against a cage, fighting for freedom. I looked down to find you still feigning sleep, but a grin spread across your lips, giving you away. Running a hand across your back you lifted your head from my chest and looked up at me, a smile in your eyes as well as on your face. Leaning down I placed a chaste kiss upon your lips, my eyes slipping closed as you pressed back into the kiss. I knew those three words should have been said months ago, but that day was the perfect day. I just knew it.

Tags: hizaki, kamijo, versailles
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